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Academy of Guitar was founded by Jesse Solomon in 1996 to provide professional guitar lessons. It addresses the needs of guitarists that are looking for a way to understand their instrument better and have the tools and confidence to interact with other musicians. Academy of Guitar has also served as a place for guitarists and other musicians to meet and share their music with each other. We have recently rebranded our name to Academy Performance School of Guitar,Bass and Drums, to represent the unique opportunity our students of guitar, bass and drums have to not only learn their instrument, but also to perform with and in front of their fellow Academy members. With our 3500 square foot school that houses private lesson rooms, media room, classroom/labs, performance hall, student supply store and lounge; our students have a lot of resources and opportunities to reach their goals. Students meet weekly in classroom and private classes utilizing the Academy's own curriculum. They also have the ability to utilize all of the practice facilities and educational literature at anytime, during school hours. The bulk of studies take place during the hours between 3:00pm and 8:30, Monday through Thursday. Please call or email us to discuss our programs and enrollment. 970-223-2466

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